Building Bridges & Breaking Barriers in Türkiye

“Vocational and technical training form part of a wider strategy to equip the refugee community with skills they can use to obtain safe, regular work in Türkiye and wherever they may emigrate to in the future.” Al-Rahim Moosa, Country Manager for Focus Humanitarian Assistance, Türkiye and Lebanon.   Cosmetology Training: Igniting the spark of self-confidence […]

“In the wake of a natural disaster, I felt a calling…”

Earthquakes, avalanches, floods, landslides, cyclones – a changing climate has led to increases in their frequency and intensity in many parts of the world. In a conversation with AKAH Pakistan CEO Nusrat Nasab, she recounts how one such disastrous event, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, changed the course of her life, igniting a passion for a […]

I was a nursing student in Afghanistan…

Now I am rebuilding my life in Canada as a healthcare professional. Forced to flee Afghanistan, Dilruba Hussaini was living as a refugee in India.  Dilruba’s international training qualified her to work at Chancellor Park, a long-term continuing care facility in St. John’s NF. Read Hussaini’s story.  

FOCUS Delivers Critical Aid – Türkiye & Syria

It’s been over a month since 6 February 2023, when a 7.8 earthquake struck Türkiye and Syria resulting in over 50,000 casualties and catastrophic damage to homes, buildings and infrastructure. The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) in Syria immediately activated its specialized search and rescue and response teams providing critical humanitarian aid, working closely with the United […]

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